Simple device for WiFi-Ethernet Bridge

I'm trying to set up a small personal network in my office separate to the enterprise network. I want to have a RPi Print server, amazon echo, and timecapsule (also on RPi). I'm planning to use a hotspot or phone for internet and I want a a basic openwrt device to bridge the hotspot or phone to the network. I don't need speed or vpn etc, I just need reliability. One recommendation was:

Any recommendations would be gratefully received!

Many thanks

How much are you willing to spend, what is your upper limit?

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I'm hoping to spend $30-40 or less. I've read some of the recommendations but it's difficult to pick the ideal device.

I guess what I'm asking is which device is likely to be easy to setup and very reliable?

Thanks again.

Considering this:

I haven’t used the GL.iNet MTK-based units, but I’m very happy with the similar size/function AR300M-Lite I have, as well as the AR750S. Design, build quality, and OEM OpenWrt support are all top notch.

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