Simple-adblock: fast, lean and fully uci/luci configurable AdBlocking

For several tools (among them curl), the tls provider (openssl, wolfssl, mbedtls) can only be selected at build time - currently the choice is typically made for wolfssl (openssl is much larger, mbedtls doesn't suffice to teach wpad about WPA3) in the default images.

I don't have OpenSSL installed. But wanting to install simple-adblock, one of the dependencies is OpenSSL. And it seems to me that it is because of wget-ssl.

Can you post more details about your OpenWrt build and ideally the output of opkg list-installed?

This appears when I want to install luci-app-simple-adblock-es

simple adblock blocking Twitter's link service ( urls.


without simple adblock running urls work fine.

simple-adblock by itself doesn't block anything, it downloads the domains/addresses from the lists you select/add and lets dnsmasq use that for blocking.

I'm currently using the final block list which has about 370k entries, and it does NOT block

You can either:

  • explicitly white-list so even if it's in some of the block-lists you use it will be removed from blocking
  • find out which block-list has that entry and stop using that block-list
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Thank you for suggesting and finally I figured out how to white-list it and now it is working thank you again :innocent:

i am receiving this message but nothing is wrong!

what should i do?

unninstall and reinstall from command line ? (it is not possible throug gui/luci isn't it?)

Reinstalling won't help. It may be an issue with the code for the luci app, I do have a fix in my own repo, if you could follow the steps to add my repo to your router and then install luci-app-simple-adblock version 1.8.8-3 let me know if the issue is fixed.

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tried but got this:

Change your custom feed to:
src/gz stangri_repo

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do i need to worry about that failed signature check ?

this is what i get when i search without AND with the sugggested repo added:

1.8.8-3 does not come up... or should i look tthe package from cli ?

Thank You