Similar to dumb-ap but with adblocking

Hello, is it possible to use openwrt as dumb-ap but having adblock feature ?
i have adblock installed in main router, and i was thinking if it possible to install it to the secondary router too (which currently sets as dumb ap), because there are some domain queries that flooding the main router.
or is there a way to prevent some domains from showing up in "DNS Report" feature of adblock (but still blocked) ?

How does adblock work exactly? Does it work like pihole in that you use it as a DNS? If that is the case, and if the IP address of the box running it is required, you can simply:

  1. Interfaces>YOURINTERFACE
  2. Edit
  3. DHCP Server>Advanced Settings
  4. Add a DHCP-Options for that IP like this: 6,

Note the 6, before the IP address.

If your dumb-AP is broadcasting the already adblocked LAN of your main router, there is no need at all to run adblock on the dumb-AP as well (your main router is getting the DNS requests and does the adblocking there).

lets say there are 2 domains that i want to block, its and, i want to block through main router and block through secondary router, so that still appear as blocked query on main router but is not appearing.

because i often monitoring DNS queries on main router, if there are domains that i'm 100% sure want to block it then i dont want that queries to show up on main router (by blocking it on secondary router if possible)

its like pihole but more advanced i think, pihole is often leaking than openwrt adblock, also there are "force local dns" feature that i like from adblock and i don't think it exist in pihole. although pihole has better interface and realtime dns query viewer

I think you missed the point of both persons trying to assist you. In order for a device to block traffic for clients by domain, it must:

  • a.) be the sole DNS server for the device - therefore, you must ensure that only one device is configured for DNS queries (which seems to defeat the purpose of your use case); or
  • b) the domain blocking configs must be identical in both devices (otherwise you will simply block the domain on a "round-robin" basis, approximately 50% of the time)

Now, an issue arises in your use case - it seems that you want one DNS server to block Domain_A, and the other to allow it. It seems that basically, you don't wish to run a DNS Resolver on your main router.

OK...but how does that work on a real client, where the domain would be blocked 50% of the time???

:warning: Also recall that you cannot assign either device as the other's upstream DNS resolver - otherwise you'll just block the domains on the other DNS resolver too....

Unless that's what you're trying to do by nesting the clients only query Router_2 and Router_2 only queries Router_Main (Router_Main would then be configured for Public DNS Resolvers). :wink: