Signature Boxes and Device Ownership

I do not see where one can create a signature box, which traditionally holds the users hardware and build info.

I am not sure how important this is to be displayed in every post, but I think having the ability to collect this info in some type of DB as opposed to a basic text box would offer stats on product usage, which in turn would feed into dev for focus. It would need to be relational, as many users have multiple devices.

Ideally the content should mirror the TOH when done for consistency.

It's pretty straightforward for people to add info about themselves in their profile. (Click the avatar icon in upper right, the click the gear in the dropdown).

The Discourse forum software does not natively support automatic signatures. There was a fairly impassioned discussion in the early days at: (scroll down to see what happens if people use the full power of animated GIFs to express their individuality make a forum unpalatable... :slight_smile:

Thanks Rich, saw that.
The only text box is the about me. I put some text in mine to test, but I have not seen where it displays.
Lot to learn about discourse I guess.

You need to click the user's icon for the text to show up.

Got it now, thanks