Signal Intermittent Wifi Drops with Linksys WRT3200ACM


Linksys WRT3200ACM
OpenWrt: 19.07.0 f10860

I have been using this system for about a year now and finally hammered out several things to get this working. The only issue that I can't seem to resolve is that the intermittent dropping of the wifi signals. I didn't notice for a while on the cell phones because cells phones switch over to cell service right away and when I am on my laptops I don't steam anything that requires consistent connections. My home media devices are connected to my lan.

I finally realized how unstable my wifi network was when I started having trouble with my Lenovo smart plug devices. They basically require you to go to airplane mode to connect directly to devices to set them up. When I did this I could see how frequently the Wifi was dropping.

Is it time for a new router? Are my settings off?

Operating frequency


36 (5180 Mhz)

80 MHz

Maximum transmit power

driver default

  • Current power: 23 dBm

All my other settings are default.

My main reason for working with this system was to intergrate PIA. which I have not done yet.

Any helps would be appreciated. Thank you in advance.

Hi update to 19.07.3 You can save your configs when updating from 19.07.0 to 19.07.3. There is a update to the WIFI driver in there. I am sorry to let you know that even with the update to the WIFI driver you could still have dropouts. Work on the WIFI driver has bin stopped because the company that rote the driver has bin sold. The github for the driver is here:

In my house most things work just fine with my wrt3200acm but I have hird that a lot of people have had issues with EOT WIFI.