Shuttle KD20 flashing lede factory image failed

Hello, first post here on the LEDE forums.

I have flashed the following firmware "lede-17.01.4-oxnas-kd20-factory.tar.gz" on my Shuttle KD20 NAS, using the web interface of the stock firmware.

When the device rebooted, after an initial beep, and blue flashing power led, the power led turned red. The device doesn't seem to do anything else.

The device received an IP through DHCP (using a strange MAC address : 00-25-B1-FF-FF-00) but does not respond to ping (or anything else for that matter).

I have tried to go back using a USB recovery (as per the manufacturer's FAQ page) by downloading this file and extracting it to a USB stick, putting it in a USB 2.0 port, and rebooting the device, but this didn't work either.

Is there any way to flash LEDE (or stock firmware) using TFTP or something else ?

Thanks for your help !

Have you been able to solve this? I am facing same issue on OMNINAS KD20

Device rebooted, LED is red and it's unreachable.

Sounds like you have bricked the device, likely because the factory image had grown too large for the stock bootloader to handle.
To revive the KD20, you will most likely need to connect the serial console and load OpenWrt initrd using U-Boot.

In this context: no longer build KD20 factory image

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