Shutdown script


How are you?
In LEDE LUCI there is a startup script. But where can I find the shutdown script???


I don't think there is one, but you can make one yourself and call poweroff at the end.

yeah, that's what I did, thanks so much!

For those who are scripting deficient, would you please include the code here.

There is a package called luci-app-commands that will add a tab which you can then configure to run (this) scripts.

I think this should become a button next to reboot.

You'll have know how to make a script for it to be useful, but at the end you add the line

I'll look into creating an addon for LuCi to edit text files. It seems like it should be easy, but people have actually been asking for it at least since 2010 so maybe it's not that easy.

So I ran the command from the WinScp console om my GL.inet AR300M. after a few seconds the console "died", but the lights on the device were still on.

I can only guess that the OS turned off, but there is no "soft switch" to turn the real DC off.

I guess this is in the category of be careful what you wish for.