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Hello, im using a Xiaomi AX3600 with OpenWRT installed, since yesterday.
It is configured as accesspoint only.
Now i have two questions:
Is there a way to show connected clients to OpenWRT wifi in luci webinterface?
The other question i have is: Im using a FritzBox as main router.
I can only see the openwrt as a client in the webinterface of the fritzbox. How can i set it up, that all clients connected to openwrt wifi show up in the fritzbox?

Thank you

read Dumb AP - Associated Stations Resolver

but they're not, they're connected to the Xiaomi ?

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The Setup right now is DSL- > Fritzbox -> Xiaomi -> Wifi Clients
And right now i can only see the Xiaomi in the Fritzbox webinterface but not the connected wifi clients.

and you've already been told why ...

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Assuming the AX3600 has the current or recent version of OpenWrt, I think the wireless clients should show up on the status page, as soon as you log in. Just scroll down. That page is also available in the menu via Status > Overview. Look for the "Associated Stations" section.

I don't know the Fritzbox at all but if it is the router and DHCP server for your network, including your wifi clients then look for the DHCP client list, assuming they are DHCP. Also I would think the router has a way of showing the arp cache so you can see devices active on your network that way.

The thread that @frollic shared can help fill in more details for network clients on the OpenWrt device. If the Fritzbox router lets you add scripts, you might do something similar there though you may need to ask for help on a Fritzbox forum. There are also threads about collecting client info and transferring it periodically to other network devices so try more searching if that is needed.

My version is OpenWrt SNAPSHOT (r23375-cdfcac6e24)
Thats the version thats linked in the page of the AX3600
But i dont see anything.

and you won't ...

I installed your linked script, but dont see anything yet.

where, on which of the openwrt devices ?

I only have one openwrt device, the Xiaomi AX3600.
The list Associated Stations is empty

Ah, I thought the FritzBox was an Openwrt device too, sorry ...

Well, in that case you probably won't make it work, unless you start double NATing, or are able to disable the DHCP on the Fritz.

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Ive just seen, that there is a regular release available. I was using a snapshot release. Now im running OpenWrt 23.05.0-rc2 r23228-cd17d8df2a.

The list Associated Stations is filled now, but i cant see any device names / host names.
Is there a way of showing these?

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if you add them manually to /etc/ethers, otherwise no, since your AX3600 isn't acting as DHCP.
that's what the script would have done, if your Fritz was an openwrt box too.

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