Show connected clients on different vlans


I have 3 vlans, and openwrt is not the dhcp server.

I noticed that running fping with fping -g -q works (in a cron every minute) in the default vlan where the AP is also.. the other vlan fping -g -q doesn't work. Any idea how to solve , that I can see all clients ip's.

You'd need to allow ping from the default vlan where the AP is to the other vlans. Also some clients, e.g windows, don't accept pings from outside their local net, so you'd need to allow that manually.


I checked a client (smartdevice), and I can f(ping) it. But ip address doesn't show it the luci interface

root@OpenWrt:~# fping is alive
root@OpenWrt:~# ping
PING ( 56 data bytes
64 bytes from seq=0 ttl=254 time=4.633 ms

Which specific part of the LuCI interface -- can you show a screenshot? Generally, the LuCI interface people look at for this is actually the DHCP leases. If your OpenWrt device is not the DHCP server, it will not populate this at all.

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/etc/ethers might be a way forward.

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In the default interface when you login.

Here an client connected, on the default lan, the fping works, and on vlan70 , I get an ipv4 adres, but it doesn't show in the interface

I found a solution, only have to make a script for it.

addrwatch -r-1 br-vlan70 | cut -d " " -f4,5

I should run it for all vlans and write it to the /etc/ethers file.

Made a soluiton as follows:

in the /etc/rc.local:
addrwatch -r-1 br-vlan10 br-vlan70 -o /etc/test.txt -d

in a cronjob, running every minute:
* * * * * cat /etc/test.txt | cut -d " " -f4,5 > /etc/ethers

Maybe someone can make it more nice with the deamon in addrwatch

That is not a very good idea, as it will wear out your flash. You'd better write to /tmp/. and exchange /etc/ethers by a symlink.

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That's right, move de test,txt en ethers to /tmp/ and made a symbolic link to /etc/ethers

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