Show associated stations from CLI on dumb AP

I found on this wiki but it needs a file that is not on my dumb AP. Is there a script to see the associated stations (all connected devices) I can use for a dumb AP not a router?

Have a look at iwinfo.

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Search the forum for /etc/ethers, there are several threads and solutions for this 'issue'.

Lets say your wireless interface is wlan0

Run the command:
iw dev wlan0 station dump

This will give you all the information you might need to know about associated stations including traffic volumes, bit rates, association time and much much more.

I searched but didn't find my use-case in the hits.

Did you find this ?

OP said cli not gui

Then you need to tell us how your use case differs, and the suggested solutions can't be used.

I think the best way to do this is via DHCP script.
Create a script like this:

cat dhcp.leases | awk '{print $2" "$4}' | ssh <dumb ap ip> "cat > /etc/ethers"

put that to a file and add:

config dnsmasq
    option dhcpscript '/etc/dnsmasq/scripts/'

in /etc/config/dhcp.

It's now updated in "realtime". No need for cron jobs. Done.


What file - do you mean the software wl and wlanconfig ?