Should WDS STA auto-reconnect after AP reboot?

Hi all.

I am successfully using an AP-STA WDS link between 2 BT Home Hub 5A routers.

If I reboot the STA, then the WDS link reconnects automatically. But... if I reboot the AP then the WDS link does not reconnect automatically (If I manually run wifi on the STA once the AP has rebooted then the link reconnects perfectly.)

(I am already aware that I can work round this problem by having something like * * * * * ping -c 1 -w 5 router >/dev/null 2>&1 || wifi in my crontab so I do not need any suggestions for a workaround.)

Simple question - should the WDS link reconnect automatically after an AP reboot i.e. is the observed behaviour a bug? TIA.

Edit: I've just found this: "I don't see this issue with WDS. My extension units reconnect immediately on reboot of main router." so the behaviour that I observe may well be a bug...

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same problem here on openwrt 22.03

i made a workaround similar to yours, but with a wget to a local webpage (on a device on the other side of the bridge of course), but the problem (with these workarounds) is that if you make a speed test for example (to saturate the bridge), then the ping or the wget will fail and the device will restart the wifi, so i think we should add some priority to the local traffic with sqm

@BigNerd95 Thank you for the additonal data point. In case I ever get round to logging a bug for this, could you please add:

a) your device manufacturer/model, and...
b) the results from grep TARGET /etc/openwrt_release?