Should OpenWrt/LEDE support devices with only 4MB Flash?

Of course, security concerns.

New thread open, BTW

I'm glad you started the new topic for 4/32 devices (see What has to be done so we remain able to build next years an OpenWrt image for 4/32 devices )

It's a place for people who have a community of those older devices to work together.

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@lantis1008 @tatel
I think you're missing the point in that there's no one that wants to spend time supporting that codebase at least at the moment. I doubt someone wants to step up since it's been up for discussion for quite a while now. It's also an issue as those who might be able to help doesn't run the same (old) software and that includes upstream. If you're a paying customer you have reasonable demands but OpenWrt doesn't fall into that category.

So which leaves us with two scenarios:

  • Sugarcoat (lie) that 4/* devices still works great, have no issues regarding storage and out of memory, are secure and you will be able to get help.

  • Be honest and tell X to face the facts that there's little to no interest and/or manpower, "no support" and that it has known vulns.

It's more or less like working on a half broken car with no spare parts available. Sure, if you can make your own spare parts (maintain the codebase) that's all nice and dandy but if you can't you're pretty much out of luck.


The comments here make it clear that many people agree with you - they aren't interested in spending that time. That's OK.

But the best tack for everyone is simply to refrain from responding if you can't contribute something positive to the discussion. Thanks.

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As OP (two years ago (!)), I am taking the liberty of closing this discussion. (The consensus is that 4/32 devices are at best, difficult to use with modern OpenWrt.)

If you have more to add, please post it to a newly-created topic: Recommended / Limited / Difficult for use with OpenWrt

Thanks for the discussion!