Should I wait for BPI-R4?


I would like to buy a new router that offers very good wireless and wireguard performance. I am considering the BPI-R3 or the BPI-R4 (although the BPI-R4 is not available yet and it will take some time to receive community support for that device). My question is: is it worth waiting for the release of the BPI-R4?

I don't need to purchase it immediately; I can wait 3-6 months, depending on the infrastructure modernization of my ISP.

Thank you for your help.

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Consider how long OW support might take for the hardware... certainly not instantaneous. I always recommend using hardware that is well supported both upstream (linux kernel) and with the linux distribution. Although it does not satisfy your needs for WiFi, personally, I would select RPi4B as a router avoiding BPI stuff all together but that's me.

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That's the point. By choosing BPI-R4 I will use it for next few years, because it will support WiFi 7 standard + CPU Filogic 880 familly, which might be very good. By choosing version 3, probably I would change it i closer feature.

When you've been in the hw space long enough, you discover future proofing's seldom a good idea,
if you don't need it now, buy it later.


Maybe you should take into consideration for 900mbps wg support GL-MT6000 up to 900 Mbps using WireGuard

Then why not get a wired router first (which you seldom change throughout many years), and then upgrade the AP later?

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Because I don't have enough space for two devices, where I have network connection and I mostly use wireless connection for work.