Should I use LEDE?

Hello everyone!
Currently I'm using Openwrt with the TL941ND v5 and I have some issues like
-Wifi stops working randomly, but keeps broadcasting SSID >> temp solution: reboot everyday at 6am using cron job, but rarely stills happening
-Space issues: with a clean install I've about 200kb of storage, but in months the space is being used by.... (?) and I have 88kb free >> temp solution log in via ssh and cleanup stuff to prevent kernel panic and storage locking

Unfortunately Openwrt development process is painfully slow.
If I upgrade to LEDE, can I keep my settings?
Can I install qos?
Will work WDS between Opwnwrt and LEDE?

Thank you guys!

  • Wifi might improve, unless you just have a crappy radio - then other software won't fix that (there are multiple reports of similar behaviour on TL-WR1043ND v1 e.g., going back a few years).
  • You won't gain any space by moving to LEDE; keep in mind though the builds for now have no LuCI available (being trunk builds), you might use the image generator to remove some packages you don't need.
  • You can keep your settings when moving from OpenWrt to LEDE, for the most part. I would recommend backing up your settings and at least regenerating the wireless configuration; better would be to recreate your settings using your backup as a reference.
  • QoS is available, SQM scripts are recommended however (also available).

No clue about WDS.

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You are running a 4MB flash device, which at this point is problematic space wise.

I did some quick math. Your OpenWrt bin is about 3.25 MB and LEDE is about 3.12MB. I loaded Luci (on another device) this week and it's about 400K. With your numbers you may not be able to load Luci. Maybe the released version will be smaller.

You will likely have to use the image Builder to integrate luci (webinterface) and anything else.

Unless you are more specific about what fills up the space and what you do to cleanup, it's not possible to know.

But, LEDE comes with its own UI, doesn't it?

[quote="Freyja-Folkvangr, post:5, topic:178, full:true"]But, LEDE comes with its own UI, doesn't it?[/quote]the UI is called "luci" (it is the same you find in OpenWRT) and it is a package.
Currently it is NOT installed by default in LEDE trunk, just like it is NOT installed by default in OpenWRT trunk.

For your device this is an issue because you have very little space in there. Packages installed by default are in a highly-compressed (but read-only) partition, so they occupy much less space.

If you install the current LEDE firmware images (there is only trunk snapshots, no release), you will likely not have enough space to install luci (the UI), and the only way to communicate with the router will be SSH (remote command line interface).

When we will have a LEDE release the UI will be installed by default, but until then you will have to use the Image Builder here to make the firmware image, or wait.

jow said he was going to make a first release or at least add the UI in the current firmwares this month. see this post

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