Should I use a different version?


I am trying to follow but it does not work at all on my system (22.03.5).

Quite a lot of the packages that are referenced in this guide are not available and I don't understand if this is just a temporary problem (I had this problem recently when the samba-package was unavailable) or if in such a fast moving project the documentation has become stale and I wonder if I would be better off trying an older version in the hope that I would have less issues with it...

Would that be worth a try or would it be more advisable to stick with this version and try to resolve the issues as they appear?

Many thanks!

Can you provide information about your system (e.g. make/model of device, the Bluetooth chip if not built-in, setting up the overlay, etc.)?

Which ones?

All seventeen listed on the Wiki under "Required" appear in 23.05.0-rc3 - I'd have to find a 22.03.5 machine to check.

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It's a GL-Inet AR300M with a no-name bluetooth dongle that I cannot say more about - execpt that it works (bluetooth is/was not the issue).

The situation has changed in the meantime, most of the packages are available now, there is only one still missing: kmod-bluetooth_6lowpan.