Should I setup Wireguard VPN on Belkin RT3200?

I just finished setting up OpenWRT 21.02 on Belkin RT3200. At the moment I am using Mullvad VPN, and am already at the max number of devices allowed per account (laptops + mobiles). Soon I will go over the limit with some new devices I am planning to add.

Now I have two options:

  1. Setup Mullvad Wireguard on the Belkin and drop (most of) the VPN clients installed on various devices.
  2. Buy a 2nd account and proceed with VPN on device-level like right now.

I have seen mixed opinions regarding option (1) when it comes to speed and stability. Is it advisable to go with (1) on the Belkin? Is this router powerful enough?

What's the recommendation here performance-wise?

I'm using Mullvad with WireGuard myself, but on a x86_64 client behind my OpenWrt router. I'm not seeing any slowdowns (then again, my internet plan is 100 Mbps down max.).

WireGuard is not as CPU intensive as OpenVPN could be, unless you got a really 'fat pipe' you wouldn't notice much of a difference. The RT3200 has an entry level ARM CPU but it's still a lot more powerful than older routers which are almost exclusively MIPS.

What are your internet speeds?

Hi I have 100 Mbps symmetric fiber internet. How much would be a fat pipe? Let's say 1 computer playing games plus 2 other devices youtube/netflix at the same time?

100 Mbps is nothing for such a SoC I'd reckon. You should do some tests with WireGuard set up on your router. This topic should give you an idea of what's possible: