Should i run wrt3200acm or the r7800

the wrt3200 has more "horsepower" without a doubt, the r7800 couldn't run more then ~200Mb/sec with cake running whereas wrt3200 could do ~300Mb/sec with layercake and still have plenty of cpu cycles left for other stuff running.

but with the aswifidude (nss) build the r7800 also easily can handla my bandwidht

fun boxes,,why havent i played with them for years ;)?

or should i run the hp t730(x86) i just got going
the family is getting cinda tired of me switching active firewall :slight_smile:

are there any difference in how things work with say the wrt3200 or a hp 730 with the x86 build 19.07.7 ?

should i run the 21.02 version instead?

Hostname OpenWrt
Model HP HP t730 Thin Client
Architecture AMD RX-427BB with AMD Radeon(tm) R7 Graphics
Firmware Version OpenWrt 19.07.7 r11306-c4a6851c72 / LuCI openwrt-19.07 branch git-21.086.32701-7456e2a

EDIT: 300Mb/sec layercake

0[*******                                                                                                           5.3%]   Tasks: 25, 9 thr; 1 running
1[******************                                                                                               14.6%]   Load average: 0.06 0.08 0.03 
2[****************                                                                                                 13.2%]   Uptime: 01:00:11
3[**********************                                                                                           17.9%]

Mem[|#* 101M/14.6G]
Swp[ 0K/0K]

The x86 offers the best performance. With the 4 core processor in that thin client you could run circles around the other two devices. With 300/300 internet any of the three devices will work.

I’d run the newer 21.02. Two additional years of development is a huge leap forward.

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tru dat, just reinstalled 21.02 on the t730 even though the wrt3200 was also sufficient

are there any downsides to running x86 in terms of function/upgrades etc etc?

x86 is the ultimate solution for speed. Only downsides are lack of ports and maybe energy costs (this is minuscule).

That thin client is probably capable of gig SQM speeds.

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What image are you using now? The latest Davidc502 which worked for you or something else?

i have tried most of the ones that are available for the r7800 or wrt3200
davids was a really nice on, last i tested was stock 21.02 and build it up to where i wanted it (firewall rules/portforward,dyndns,scripts,vlan etc etc) but i got some wierd disconnects with all interfaces just going "down" (4times in 24h), nothing wrong on my vlan switch atleast according to the logs.

basically lost motivation there and just started my qotom box with opnsense installed on it.

so to answer your question i´m not running any openwrt atm.

/regards t

I'm running the final davidc502 with about 4 month uptime on my WRT32X, it's been flawless. Now that 21.02 snapshots are up for this router I'm going to try one very soon and will report back here when I do.