Should I get an access point or a router for the highest NAT table & constant high load? (Running a Tor bridge behind a firewall)

I'm looking for a Wi-Fi 6 & WPA-3 capable wireless device which will run a Tor bridge relay and personal web traffic behind a pfSense firewall. Since I would be using the firewall for the DHCP, gateway, DNS, etc., a router or AP would be used in access point mode/dumb mode. Which device and model would be best suited for handling a constant high load and has a high NAT table? Would a Netgear WAX206 or the Linksys E8450 be appropriate for this use case and if so, which would be best? Are there better suited devices?

The NAT table only matters for the device running as router, there is no NAT table involved on any device acting as an AP. With OpenWrt running, its size only depends on the RAM size and the (changeable) sysctl settings anyways, unrelated to the individual device (again, doesn't apply to any device configured to be an AP).

Running OpenWrt, there will be no functional difference between them at all.

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Fantastic, this is just the info I was looking for. Thank you!

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