Should I continue to use ISP router or use the Flint 2 MT6000

So Ive been lurking lately and trying to not be so indecisive about this decision. I have Fios currently on their gigabit plan and my speed tests are typically 900/850 usng Ookla and the Bufferbloat is an A. I currently have a G3100 and E3200 from Verizon.

I dont know much about this stuff ( just enough to get around ) but I ended up with this conundrum of which rotuer to use by trying to use Adguard Home ( on a RPi ) on the G3100 router. I cannot get it to work correctly because of the DHCP not reporting correctly on which IP had traffic and the blocking of ads and reporting. ( I dont know the terminology sorry... )\

So I bought two Flint 2 MT6000 routers and the plan was to use one as the router and one as the dumb AP. I was going to use the Sysupgrade on both and then try and get Adguard Home on the router.

What Im afraid of is setting up the Flint 2 correctly, or having an issue and being completely stuck on it... Also kinda paranoid on the uboot being locked and not having a fully open router. Although that might not even be an issue...

Also, I dont know what Im going to gain over using the Fios Routers since it seems my speeds are pretty good and the Bufferbloat is coming back as an A. Which Im guessing is pretty good too...

What's everyone's thoughts going forward?

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As long as you need to keep the Fios device, and it doesn't allow DHCP or firewall customization, you'll need to double NAT.

The RPi will do this just fine, assuming you add an $10 gigabit USB3 Ethernet dongle.

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I don’t need to. I will be able to take the WAN from the ONT right into the router. And I’ll have the second MT6000 as an Ethernet backhaul’d dumb AP.

That instance should be a simple plug,setup and play, no?

It should, yes.