Sharing the SIM card data plan

Hello, it is my first time in this platform, I have an issue because my operator considered that GB contracted in the SIM Plan is only to be used in the mobilephone, however since the SIM card is used on the router , the system of the operator considered that the traffic generated through the CPE belongs to a feature they called GB to shared but this amount of GB is about the 10% of the GB of the plan so this is quite bad because I can can not used the GB that I contracted, I was checking on the web and I found this forum, the router that I have uses OpenWrt , can I get some guide in order to solved that issue?

Thanks in advance


Try setting the TTL to 65, search the forum for old threads about this.


Change IMEI for Nokia Windows one, and set TTL, as @frollic has written. Also try to tether on Android device. What is mode of your modem, Stick, or Hilink?

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Hello guys, seems like it works setting TTL, thanks

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wouldn't surprise me if you could now go over your contracted traffic limit, as a bonus :wink:

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