Sharing OpenVPN to only 1 interface

Hey Guys, thanks for your help! After many countless hours I managed to figure it out.
Firstly used the Policy Routing package which is VPN Policy-Based Routing + Web UI - ARCHIVE #1

Then created another interface with a different subnet ( for example) with it’s own DHCP, then routed all traffic from that subnet through the VPN using the VPN policy based routing package. I then assigned this interface to the second wireless AP.

Then created the firewall zones, but not too sure if this was really needed, I just allowed forwarding from all sources and destinations to the interface with the wireless adapter attached.

Connected with different devices and confirmed with what’s my IP and US Netflix :wink: that it was working and sure enough, it was all working!! Thanks guys :blush: I wouldn’t of known about the policy based routing if it wasn’t for yous!