Sharing internet though OpenWrt to a TV

Hi Friends..
I have an openWRT router and i need to share my android internet to a TV via openWRT.
As below...


the only challenge TV does not accept proxy based internet.. (because there is no option enter proxy details)

how to get doen this ( i have installed tinyproxy.. but still i'm unable to share internet to my TV).. i prefer either wired or wifi connection...
(as of now...connection to each station above)
AP>OpenWRT (wifi)
OpenWRT>TV (wifi)
I'm new here.. pls explain me the procedure to get this done..
thank you very much

Does the TV work if you hook it up to the AP directly?

If the TV needs direct internet access, what could help is reassigning the ports on the OpenWrt router (provided you have enough). So you'd turn one LAN port into a second WAN port, bridge it together with the original WAN port, and hook that up to your TV. Over here, we have a few providers with set-top boxes that need this kind of trick to work behind a third party router (their own modem/router combinations have some kind of filter for the set-top box).

No... TV is not working (internet) when connect directly to AP... this is because TV does not have an option to enter proxy settings
So what I need openWRT to make this happens where it will provide (share) proxy settings free internet to Tv
(but if you connect Iphone to AP or OpenWRT with proxy settings then internet is OK)
Does travelmate helps here?
If so pls guide me

Long shot, but you can try to setup a transparent proxy on OpenWrt, e.g tinyproxy or squid, and then forward everything to the internet AP proxy.


Ok tks
Hope with this I don’t need add any proxy details on TV
Appreciate if you could help me in the settings part as I’m a newbie here...

@trendy linked you to the documentation on how to set it up.

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ok tks.. did not notice..
i'll try and update here

Hi All.....
the docuemnt does not specify how to set up transparency proxy..
i found a youtuve vid but terminal commands completly different what we use here..

just tell tell how to set up
(where is my AP for internet)
on my openwrt router

list of commands to followed would good enough

tks to all

From both guides.

configure transparent proxy redirection:

Add http (port 80) traffic forwarding to Squid (so called transparent mode). Add firewall section:

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