Sharing hotspot data from Phone via Router Wifi and LAN

Ive tried to connect my Mobile Hotspot from my Oneplus 6 via my TP Link TL-WR1043N router.

My mission is to share the 4g data connection with my router. So that the router acts as a repeater for the wifi and also distributes the network via the LAN ports.

How do i do this the best and easiest way possible?

Ive already managed to connect the router to my hotspot and shared the connection via the LAN ports, but i dont know if its possible to repeat the SSID from my phone too?

Connect to the phones wifi using one wifi radio, retransmit it using the 2nd.

If your router would have had a USB port, you could have you thethered using a cable.

Retransmit using a second radio? Can you specify? The router only has one 2.4ghz radio right?

Besides that i need to charge the phone while sharing the network.

When wifi tethering you'd generally want to use the phone wifi only for the link to the router, and connect all users to an AP hosted on the LAN side of the router, with a different SSID. Otherwise there is confusion having two networks with the same SSID.

Simultaneous AP and STA operation is possible on this ath9k hardware, however if the client can't connect to its AP (the phone), the AP interface will stay off the air. The travelmate package can be installed to work around this limitation, it will automatically enable or disable the STA as the phone hotspot is turned on or off.

USB tethering will charge the phone during use. Every Android seems to use rndis, so install kmod-usb-net-rndis, connect the phone and enable tethering on the phone UI, then connect the rndis network (usually usb0) to the wan.

Yeah, my bad, wrong device.

But it still stands, using just one radio, as mk24 stated.

Thanks alot for the replies. I'll just connect my phone via WiFi to the router and share the connection on the LAN side :wink:

I don't have USB on my router. And if i bought a USB C to Ethernet dongle. It still won't charge the phone right. And probably don't work by connect the phone directly to a switch?

Yes you would need a USB port that goes direct to the router's CPU. You must have a WR1043V5 as all the earlier ones had USB.