Share files from my pc to 2 vlans or ssids

First, forgive me for my English. I used the Google translator. I hope this is the right place.

I need your help I put them in situation:

I have my main network with qos limited to 80% and I also create another network for guests or friends with the qos limited to 30%.
The limitations are because I have a cyber café and here my clients play online games. So I do not want any of my guests to slow down my network and cause lag, that's why I have them so limited. I also share with my friends series and anime that is hosted on my PC through the network But that can only be done by connecting them to my main network.

What I want is, I have two options (I think):

  1. That they can access my files while in the guest network. (just being under the same ip has worked for me).
  2. Limit the bandwidth for each of them (which I think can not be done in openwrt).

-Can 2 SSIDs be sharing ip to be able to access the files on my pc?
-Is there a way to limit a range of ip or Mac?