Shadow-add user creation

Hello All,
I have installed vsftpd and configured it for a ftp on extended storage in Openwrt router.
I have also installed "shadow-useradd shadow-passwd shadow-usermod and shadow-
common" to add and modify the user name and password. The problem is that i am
trying to add or modify the user name with atleast one uppercase letter, but with the
uppercase letter i'm getting the following error.

        useradd: invalid user name Axx_01
        usermod: invalid user name Axx_01

can anyone tell me is the shadow-useradd and shadow-usermod support creating the user name with upper case letter.

Rashmi H R

tried without the underscore dude? much faster way to get the answer....

Thanks for your response. Without special character also i'm getting the same error.

Rashmi H R

Likely this is a bug. Please consider opening an issue report at

EDIT: uppcase letters is not allowed by shadow as valid name.


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