Sha256sum mismatch on package install / RC1 17.01

I received "sha256sum mismatch" error for some packages, e.g.

  • rrdtool1
  • perl
  • perlbase-config
    I have downloaded them to my desktop, there the checksums also not the same as in the package file on the server.
    Has anyone else a problem regarding the checksums?

mips_24kc is broken at the moment. The Packages file is from "Mon Jan 30 19:36:24 2017" but a lot of packages have timestamps of Thu Feb 2, 2017. URL of the directory listing:

arm_cortex-a15_neon-vfpv4 seems to be fine.

Ok, thank you.
And sorry, I have not given any info from which server/share the packages are :pensive:
But you are right (mips24kc)

Is there a re-build of the mips24kc planned to resolve this?

It is rather automatic, a rebuild after changes to packages.

The last 17.01 package build for mips_24kc got interrupted and that has probably caused the fault:

I think that a rebuild should get triggered if something gets backported to the 17.01 packages branch.

But in any case I think that the plan is to have a full rc2 build next week:

Looks like there is a disk space problem at the 17.01 packages buildbot, so getting new packages compiled requires that @jow or somebody else with access to the buildbot does some cleanup there.

Rebuild is finished now. The out of space error happened due to the musl libc update which caused build trees to double in size.