SFP media converter on fiber, could somebody check my VLAN config?

Been using my WDR-3600(that's soon due for upgrade) for years now with Openwrt. It used to run in bridge mode with the Fiber modem/router that my ISP gave me, however they decided to remove the bridge option by auto updating the firmware, now it only does DMZ and things have not been working super. This week I discovered it's possible to use a SFP media converter (TP-Link MC220L) to basically bypass their router, if you manage the VLAN's properly.

The setups I've seen use VLAN id 1 for LAN, 300 for internet and 640 for TV. Now I don't have TV anymore so that makes things simple. I got it working easily yesterday however I discovered today that only wifi has internet, the wired raspberry pi and hue bridge didn't. I also managed to fix that after reading the wiki, but now I'm confused.

Could somebody who understands networking better explain to me why this works, and has internet on both wifi and wired
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VLAN ID | CPU(eth0) | LAN 1 | LAN 2 | LAN 3 | LAN4 | WAN
1 | t | u | u | u | u | o
300 | t | o | o | o | o | t

But this works only on wifi(my first attempt)

VLAN ID | CPU(eth0) | LAN 1 | LAN 2 | LAN 3 | LAN4 | WAN
1 | o | u | u | u | u | o
300 | t | o | o | o | o | t

I'm just trying to understand it and I don't get how the wifi could get internet in the bottom one, but wired didn't. I figured it was a firewall zone thing or something with the interfaces but no.

So my questions are:

  1. What caused this behavior?
  2. Is this(the working one) the correct way of VLAN configuration in this situation?
  3. I've seen people who do use VLAN 640 have a CPU(eth1) on a Archer C7. Is that a configuration thing or a hardware thing? As far as I'm aware the C7 also only has one WAN port.

Setting the CPU to off for VLAN1. In the switch setup you have wired traffic needs to pass through the CPU to pass between the VLANS.


It's a hardware thing.

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