Several vlans to increase bandwidth

hello friends! I have a litebeam with openwrt and I want to connect to an access point that provides internet through a captive portal at 2mbits of bandwidth and I want to know how to make several vlans and the sum of them to increase my bandwidth (example 5vlan for 10mbits) connecting to the same litebeam through its secondary radio. Thanks in advance.

You can use mwan3 to load-balance multiple uplinks. This will result in an aggregate bandwidth that is the sum of all of the individual links. However, any individual connection will still be limited to the bandwidth of one connection.

So for example, you can load balance 5x 2Mbps connections for an aggregate of 10Mbps. A speedtest will only show 2Mbps, but you could run speedtests on 5 different clients simultaneously and you'd get 2Mbps on each one, showing that the total bandwidth was 10Mbps.

Combining them into a single link requires something called 'bonding' which almost always requires the cooperation of the ISP so that they can bond the connections on their end, too.

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