Several issues with 21.02-rc4 with archer c7

Sometime around June I upgraded my Archer C7 (main router, connected to internet and acting as DNS) from 19.07 to 21.02.
Since then , I am facing a few issues with my router
It started with errors like “ Maximum number of concurrent dns queries reached”, after a lot of research on the forum I increased it from 150 to 250, but still I have that issue (now with the message that more than 250 queries were triggered)

Last week i upgraded to newest release 21.02-rc4, and I have an addition problem that suddenly LAN ports **) are report as “down”, and a few seconds later they are up again (but this behavior sometimes occurs a few times in a 5 mins timeframe.)

**) update: It’s currently only port 1 having this issue, port 1 is the WAN port connected to the modem of my ISP

Yesterday, I tried to downgrade to 19.08 but then I could not use Luci anymore (errors like “luci config seems to be corrupt etc) by the way, I first tried to downgrade an AP, an Archer C7 v4, also now running on 21.02-rc4

So I went back to 21.02-rc4 (on the AP) but still facing issues on my router (the last “drop” was yesterday evening, in such case all devices are disconnected from internet for a minute or so.

Any ideas how to solve this?

By the way, on the AP running on 21.02 I donot see strange messages in the syslog, but ofcourse an AP is using limited functionality only

Is your WAN connection PPP by any chance? 21.02 exposed some IPv6 peculiarities that 19.07 didn't have for me.

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No, my WAN connection is not via PPP
In previous version I disabled IPv6, is there maybe an additional IP6 setting I need to give the right value to disable ?

I had to add option pppd_options 'noipv6' to my WAN interface section in /etc/config/network in 21.02 builds, but that's PPP specific, so that won't help you.