Several issues after extroot configuration

I've followed this guide to install new software on a usb pendrive attached to the router.
I've not encountered any error, but now I'm experiencing some issues:

  • the router led blinks forever;
  • the wifi is not enabled and when I try to enable it inside luci it don't go enabled
  • the reboot button inside luci does not work
    What can I do to identify the source of the problems?

Do you have the same issues when you remove the USB drive?

Which device and which OpenWrt version are we talking about?

Not at all. With the usb drive removed, it works without any issue.

OpenWrt 18.06.4 r7808-ef686b7292 on nexx wt3020 8Mb

Format the usb stick again, make sure it is ext4. Then run the extroot process again.

also consider upgrading since your version is a bit old.

Thank you. I upgraded to 19.07 and repeated the extroot procedure and now I have no issue anymore.

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