Setup x86 powersave (Cpufreq or pstate)

Release 22.03.5 X86_64
OpenWrt launched on Proxmox, after turning on OWRT, a terrible high-frequency coil whine starts.
Unsuccessfully tried to set the power saving mode:
Cpufreq is missing in the release.
Intel_pstate also cannot be configured (many attempts and installations including 22.03.5_RC2, all found instructions point to missing folders).
I will be grateful for any help.
Thank you!

Welcome to the community!

Do you mean a: physical [coil whine] noise, something through the sound card, something else?

To be clear, you stated in your first post that OpenWrt is a Virtual Machine, correct?

If a VM, feel free to include more details in order to assist you.

Hi, thanks for the reply.
Coil whine is a physical effect of an induction coil, most likely a processor.
In Windows or Ubuntu 22 is quiet, so it's a processor power management issue in the kernel.
Proxmox 8.03 (kernel 6.2.16-3-pve) was noisy, but after changing the pstate to cpufreq + powersave, it became almost silent.
OpenWrt works on Proxmox 8.03, unfortunately changing the processor type setting was not successful.
The perfect solution for me to get back on cpufreq + powersave governor, but pstate is also suitable, the main thing is to reduce the load on coils.

Thank you!!

So that would be a yes - your OpenWrt is Virtual, correct?

Or are you running OpenWrt on bare metal?

Yes, OpenWRT runs in the Proxmox virtual machine

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No one knows how to return сpufreq or set up pstate? (

TBH, I donno how (or rathar, don't understand why) to use a virtual machine setting to change a physical property.

I'm trying to replicate the issue here. Honestly, I would try throttling the vCPU by percentage or look at host settings; but your inquiry/request is quite different.

Thanks for the answer.

Tried different host settings, it didn't work. It seems that OWRT raises the frequency of the processor or forces it to hold a higher voltage.
Let's assume that OpenWRT is running on bare metal, how can I control the processor frequency?

Thank you!