Setup wifi via command line

hey I got Tor setup on OpenWRT, so I can't use the GUI. only command line. I'm trying to get the wifi setup too.

From the docs it has me do "uci show wireless"

But UCI is not found. how do I get this?

thank you, sorry i'm a noob

which device ?
and why you could not use GUI ?

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Are you sure you are running an official version of OpenWrt? What is the output of

ubus call system board
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Yes official version...

OpenWrt 21.02.3
kernel 5.4.188

It's rigged to use Tor only. Under Tor only mode, you can only do the command line

Then post the requested ubus command output.

well, if i get it right, someone is made this image and placed Tor client and leave out Luci, maybe because of small flash space ?
who know what else is left out ?

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