Setup TP-Link RE450V2 Range Extender as an access point

Hello everyone!
I am a beginner at OpenWRT and networking in general. I use PFsense for the rest of my network and as the main router.

Here's my networking setup:
I use a managed switch for VLANs.
Managed Switch:
(VLAN 1 Default) Port 1 -> PFsense firewall laptop 1 USB Ethernet NIC
(VLAN 99) Port 2 -> ADSL 2+ Router which supplies WAN through a DSL connection from the wall
(VLAN 10) Port 3 -> This is LAN, which goes upstairs to an unmanaged switch
(VLAN 20) Port 4 -> Goes to the first AP I use to supply wireless devices with internet
(VLAN 30) Port 5 -> I want this to go to the OpenWRT access point and supply wireless devices with internet

Here's the DHCP configuration that PFsense is in charge of:
(VLAN 10) ( (Gateway (PFsense): (DNS:
(VLAN 20) ( (Gateway (PFsense): (DNS:
(VLAN 30) ( (Gateway (PFsense): (DNS:

I have tried this tutorial:
Which mentions that I have to set a static IP and disable DHCP, I set the static IP to on the OpenWRT range extender and disabled DHCP.
Then I plugged the one LAN port this device has into port 5 on the managed switch and I tried pinging it from a PC in the LAN VLAN and it is not responding back? (The PFsense firewall rules for VLAN 30 are configured to allow VLAN 30 net to access LAN and AP net and the internet as well)

Later on, I discovered this was also mentioned in the article previously linked:
Which says to plug the WAN port of the device into the LAN port of another router, but how will I accomplish this if this device only has 1 LAN port? I also only have 1 LAN PC upstairs that can be used for trying to access the AP.

So in summary:
What I want to do is setup this device as an access point that is connected to VLAN 30 (Port 5) of the managed switch which will be WAN for the AP, then when wireless devices connect to this AP, PFsense will be the DHCP server handing out IP's to these devices in the configured subnet (

Any misunderstandings that I may have about this are free to be solved; Or anything that I may have done wrong is also free to be solved, thanks!

Theoretically, a device used as AP doesn't have to have an IP at all, it's just a media converter
from wired to wireless.

IP is only needed for admin access, not by the clients.

VLANs might make things more complicated though, and I'm a keep it simple kind of guy :wink:


I am limited by a low budget, I could of used physical interfaces for everything, but it would of costed more, so I just resorted to using a managed switch with VLANs which would of been cheaper.
But anyway, I will try this today. Thanks a lot! This seems to be exactly what I wanted to do. :grinning:

It has worked! I am able to ping the device and I can access the web interface on the pc on LAN too, the wifi network that was setup works as well! Thank you for helping me! :grinning:

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