Setup R6220 as AP with VLAN using LUCI

I want to setup a Netgear R6220 as access point using LUCI. However, I'm used to having the "switch" tab available where I can set the tagged and non-tagged interfaces.

This device doesn't have the "switch" tab so I'm a bit lost. Did anybody already do this via LUCI or should I explore the SSH route?

Bonus question: is it possible to use the WAN port as upling to my main router?

Thanks! Somehow, I couldn't find this piece of information.

And I subscribed to OneMarcFifty on Youtube :wink:

I don't really get why my older device doens't have the switch menu and my newer device has. Both are running latest OpenWRT. But as long as I can manage both I'm fine. Got it. Because my main router has two physical interfaces as explained at the end of this video: (58) VLANs in OpenWrt 21 - YouTube

Yes it's possible
Manually edit the MAC adress of the WAN port to fit the MAC adress of eth0. Than add the WAN port to the bridge. This way, the WAN port will be considered as part of the bridge, and you can use it as any other port.

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