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Hi! I have a question, wanna make some sort of server via OpenWRT, i've setup samba with some HDD's and wanna share it through internet, not wifi and lan only.

Question: is there ways to manage public IP in openwrt if ISP change it every 24h? Only way is a buy public IP in ISP store?

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This depends on your ISP in general, but if they provide static IP as a paid service, you likely won't be able to override the restrictions and use it for free.

On the other hand, there should be plenty of free DDNS providers if you have a dynamic public IP.

However, note that sharing SMB over the internet smells like a pile of potential security issues.


ISPs usually block SMB traffic -- I don't know what their motivation is. Your setup may not work even with a static IP address.

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i've made auto photo sync on my wife's android phone (cuz womens sometimes do madness 10000000+ pic's) and small anime/other trash bin bank, with openwrt router, there is nothing someone may find interest, i feel like against all those privacy and security, living in russia tough enough to care about it. Anyway thanks for such a quick and easy to understood answer sir!

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Because 9 out of 10 times that someone puts a SMB server online, it is by accident. The other 1 out if 10 times, it is to share illegal content.


is SMB such a unprotected?

SMB was not designed to be used in a public network, it has a long history on security bugs, and is often misconfigured. At least, use a VPN server to connect to your network, then use SMB over that VPN.


Thanks for answer! :grinning:

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