Setup OpenWRT with Wireguard to connect elsewhere with NordVPN Upstream

Hi all

100% new to OpenWRT: I've built an x86 router with few hardware I've got from my garage (J4105 + 8gb DDR4 Ram + 60GB SSD + dual 1gbit pic card for a total on 3 rj45 port).

My goal is to keep the OpenWRT PC as Wireguard server to connect me and my wife's computers and smartphone while upstreaming everything to NordVPN. I know the cpu may be a little bit weak to handle 1gbps symmetrical but after set up I can decide to upgrade if necessary but first I'll try with the hardware I have already on hand: my wife handle for work very big file so I need all the speed I can achieve, since she travels quite often we need to max out the mobile 5g flat connection she uses while outside or from home (we have another ftth connection there)

I've checked few how-to but I'm not totally sure on which way to achieve what I need so I kindly ask your help to guide me thru the process: definitely routing and networking is not my area of competence

Totally, I need to connect:

1 NAS (with Plex) - already tried wireguard on the NAS but performance are not...viable
2 iPhone
2 Macbook
2 Windows WS


if i get it right, you want ALL traffic to go via VPN ?

here is a wiki:


Doing this I'll be able to access my NAS as a shared folder while upstream to NordVPN or any other VPN provider of my choice?