Setup OpenWrt on Raspberry PI 4 B without Ethernet

I would like to set up OpenWrt on Raspberry PI, but my Macbook doesn't have Ethernet port so I cannot connect them together in order to configure it for the first time. I tried to do with an adapter, but sadly the adapter is not working with Rasperry PI. Is there any way, workaround that could I use to configure OpenWrt without Ethernet?

Connect it to a screen via HDMI + USB keyboard?

Alternatively via 3.3V serial console, but given the abysmal wireless capabilities of the RPi, you will want to connect it via ethernet to something anyways - so a cheap realtek r8152 based USB2ethernet adapter makes sense either way.

I have this kind of adapter For connecting my MacBook to router it works perfectly, but connecting MacBook to RPI does not work. Do you know how to check if any other adapter would be compatible? You mentioned 'realtek r8152 based USB2ethernet adapter', but when I'm browsing available adapters I cannot tell if it fits or not.

Your USB-LAN adapter is obviously working.

If the RPI does not respond, when connected the Macbook via that adapter directly to RPI LAN port, something else must be the reason.

After booted once then remove the SD card and mount it to the computer and change what you want and mount it in the RaspPi again.