Setup OpenWrt help (Vodafone Station, WNDRMACv2)

Hi all,

I need help on my new configuration i would likes ti setup.

I've a primary router used as a gateway (Vodafone Station fiber) with an active DHCP 192.268.1.x (used to navigate with my tablet and my TV) and i would like to setup my second router (wndrmacV2) in order to create a secondary private network 192.168.2.x used for my lab, adding that this secondary network has to navigate in internet using the Vodafone Station gateway.

WndrmacV2 should have a rtl8366s chip installed (i think is recognized automatically by openwrt, i found it in "switch" tab of openwrt).

I understand that i've to setup the switch tab of openwrt in order that VLan1 Port where i connect the cable arrived from Vodafone Station has to be tagged with a second VLan created ad-hoc.

From this point i don't know how to setup openwrt in order that what i explained before can be done.

Thank you so much

wndrmacV2 is in principle the same as WNDR3800, so a well supported old ath79 router.

I am not quite sure what is your problem?

The easiest setup would be to just keep the ISP router as it is, and just connect the wndrmacv2's WAN port to a LAN port in ISP router, so that the ISP device just sees it as a client. You would have a double NAT for devices in the LAN of wndrmacv2.

The only extra config step would be to first change the LAN IP address in wndrmacv2 to, so that it is in a different subnet than what the ISP router offers(192.168.1.x)

I am not sure why you would need VLANs at all, (but I have no knowledge of Vodaphone specifics or if you aim for something more complicated).

Hi Hnyman,

thanks for your support and your reply!

Ok, now is working setting LAN as 192.168.2.x , upgrading switch with kmod-switch-rtl8366s, using WAN and WAN6 on ETH1 and LAN as br-lan.

No need to setup different VLan :slight_smile:

My question now is: how i can improve DL and UL ? I've lost a lot of speed with this configuration. Any idea?

Not quite sure what s your reference point, but "fiber" connection points toward gigabit style.

Buy a more powerful router?
Wndr3700/wndr3800/wndrmacv2 is a slow one-core mips device. It can route some 100-150 Mbit/s combined upload/download bandwidth if no SQM, VPN etc. is used. If those are used, the bandwidth is below 100 Mbit/s, as CPU gets overloaded.

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Firewall -> Software Flow Offloading solve it