Setup nordvpn on openwrt

Hello everyone i am trying to setup nordvpn on Xiaomi Mi4a gigabit with openwrt
But until now i have not managed to correctly do it please check the following images to see my setup. What do i need to change? if you need more information feel free to ask!

About the setup: router is connected via ethernet to a modem.
When i follow the official setup or the setup on technadu i dont have internet and vpn not working when i use ping i get Request timed out.

Thank you in advance!

Screenshot 2023-07-28 122514

Tried using their own guide ?

Yes! multiple times but it does not work

See if [guide] OpenVPN client using LuCI - nordvpn helps, even though it's outdated.

Many thanks, i will check it out!
I will inform you about the process!

Note that you need new credentials for Nord instead of username password.
Instructions are on their site.

Yes i've changed them twice today

i also followed the guide above and nothing changed

What is the result of ip ro ?
Redact the public IPs (if you see any).

root@OpenWrt:~# ip ro via dev tun0
default via dev wan proto static src dev tun0 proto kernel scope link src via dev tun0 dev br-lan proto kernel scope link src dev wan proto kernel scope link src via dev br-lan`Preformatted text`

Change the LAN IP address as described here.
Reconnect the clients and try again.

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It worked!!!!!
Thank you very much!!!

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@pavelgl if your local lan is you won't be able to make it work?

Each router interface must use its own IP subnet that does not overlap with the address spaces used by the other interfaces. Otherwise, the device may forward the packets through the wrong interface.

In this case, the lan and wan interfaces share the same IP subnet (, so you need to reconfigure either the modem or the OpenWrt device - whichever is easier.


That address conflict will also prevent routing from LAN users to the Internet without a VPN. Always make sure your router installation is working properly as a regular router before trying to install a VPN client.

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