Setup Dynamic DNS (solved)

Is it possible to setup a custom dyndns? If yes, where can I set it?
I found the cloudeflare and no-ip packages, but I have a different provider


How about looking into ddns-scripts package and its LuCI interface luci-app-ddns ...

if you really mean "custom" DDNS service, you might edit the DDNS service provider list in ddns-scripts after installation and add your specific site there.

Note that the default list of DDNS providers in that package is already rather large, so hopefully your site is already found there:

@hnyman, I indeed found my provider there. Thanks a bunch!

Great that you found the site in the standard list.

One comment regarding you edited message

Cloudflare, godaddy and no-ip are exceptions that require extra-handling or extra tools (like curl). For that reason they have own sub-packets that install the needed files.

Most DDNS providers are handled by the standard functionality in ddns-scripts package.

You also have inadyn, I pretty much got tired of the quirks with ddns-scripts and the frontend.

will give it a shot also. Thanks @diizzy