Setup Dual WAN 1 Wired - 1 WIFI

I have a GL.iNet GL-AR750S and have installed openwrt 21.02.2. It has 2 wifi radios (one 5G, one 2.4G), 2 ethernet LAN ports and 1 ethernet WAN port. The configuration I am attempting is as follows:

I would like the 5G Wifi to run as client to a hotspot and act as WAN2

2 LAN ports and 2.4G wifi to be together on their own subnet (with its own DHCP) routed out to whatever WAN is available.

Ideally, the wired WAN1 would be the default, and if it is not available then use mwan failover to the hotspot to use as WAN2.

So far, I have the 5G radio running fine as client, but only the wired lan gets its own subnet, clients that connect to the 2.4G wifi get served an address from the WAN ( the same network that the 5G wifi is connected to)

Anyone have a hint as to further configs to pursue? I'm not sure where to go from here.