Setup check - Raspi 4 + APs + Switch

Setup Check

Maybe I‘m being too stupid to find this information in the board, already spent lots of time researching this and I finally made an order:

  • Raspberry Pi 4 4GB
  • Netgear 8 Port Gigabit ethernet switch
  • Realtek 8153 USB - Ethernet converter
  • Unify 6 Lite Wlan access point

Despite some patch cables, am I missing something important?

And the other question that I didn‘t quite get - do I need an additional router/modem to connect to the internet via DSL? I already read some topics which gave me the impression, that you could plug you DSL cable to the USB-Ethernet converter and make it the WAN port, connecting to the ISP. But on the other hand, lots of posts say „NO! Don‘t, get yourself a modem!“. I am kinda confused now.

Thanks in advance for your help,


if you have DSL, then you'll need a modem.

Thank you, I thought so.
What is a good decision on that? My current router, a Fritzbox 7590 says that this is the DSL connection type: VDSL2 17a G.Vector (ITU G.993.5). Do I need a dedicated modem (lika a draytek vigor) or what is a good (maybe cheap) solution?

Thanks in advance :wink:

Does it have to be openwrt capable ?
if yes, there's not many of those around, but it'd perhaps make the RPi and the switch obsolete.

Hm. I guess I just need it to connect my Pi to the internet. No, something that has good availibility and supports my connection type.

No expert, can't help you with the DSL device, but why not keep the Fritzbox ?

I've put my ISP's Fritz!Box in passthrough mode (I can't ditch it, they whitelist just a few models). Everything else behind is OpenWrt.

then you've got everything you need.

Actually the fritz box is only rented, so I’d like to return it.
In Germany they’re not allowed to blacklist anything so I can basically get any modem available…

I would honestly ditch the RPi4 setup unless you're hellbent on it in this case. Just get something that runs IPQ4 and/or MT7622 and use that as both router/gateway and AP especially since you're on DSL. I would highly recommend you to go for something else than a Netgear switch (Zyxel GS1900/GS1920 series or HP 1820) but that's just me....

get one on eBay ?

At least you know it works without issues (I'd assume ...)....