Setup bridge with outdoor router

I am no network expert and recently bought a Unifi Dream Machine Pro. I wish to use this as my primary router DHCP, etc. I have a branded outdoorrouter (running OpenWrt) this currently provides an external long range wifi and a 4G connection which I use as my only WAN (given I live in a relatively remote location). The Outdoorrouter is currently set with "DHCP" turned on. So I plug into the Unifi box, the outdoorrouter gives my Unifi a IP address and it works. However I want what I believe is a bridge mode so that the Unifi controls the IP distribution. If I set the outdoorrouter to static IP the unifi wont pick it up.
The Outdoorrouter has an option called "Bridge Relay", not sure what that is or whether it does what I want.
Last week I set the outdoorrouter to "DHCP client" trying to achieve this and that killed the outdoorrouter, the only way I could reconnect was to manually reset which I want to avoid as its on the roof!
Any advice - hopefully in simple language appreciated.

The features you mention ("Bridge Relay", ...) seem to be specific to the vendor-modified version of OpenWrt you found on this specific router. Best is to contact the vendor or look into vendor-specific forums for answers with their modified versions of what used to be OpenWrt many years ago....