Settings overview via ssh and shell

Is there a text overview of the settings / system, which can be shown by a shell command and ssh?

The part corresponding to setting by uci can be displayed by uci show.

less /etc/config/<some_config_file>

is also very helpful, as the "ground truth" is what is in the config files. Most OpenWrt config in in the /etc/config/ directory. Other applications may have config elsewhere, though typically in the /etc/ directory or its subdirectories.

It is a question of the design of the output. I used the text files in /etc/config until now, but I would prefer something like the startpage of luci.

It was a question and is not so important to me. I asked, because maybe I didn't know it.

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Look into how LuCI uses UCI and ubus to capture the data and render it. ubus can provide JSON-formatted output.

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