Settings gone with new openwrt version

Hello all I need help.

I have a wrt3800 ACM.

Now I download the new openwrt software.
I have two boot section on the wrt3800 ACM

One that is stable and working.

And a second boot section where I download the newest version set it up, test it and when everything's work I go to this section.

Now I downloaded the newest openwrt. Put it on my second boot partition.

But when to reverted back to my first section (my stable one) everything is wiped clean, how is this happened?

And how to revert back, because all of the settings are gone!

Nice regards

When you installed the new version, did you uncheck the option to "keep settings"? You may have actually not had the option in the first place, depending on the versions involved... but if you did that, the exepcted behavior is that the settings are reset to defaults before the new version is flashed.

[EDIT: the following is not necessarily correct -- see the discussion below]
Since dual-partition devices are the exception, not the rule, the sysupgrade process will reset the currently running partition, not the other partition.

Do you have a backup of your previous config?

Both partition have being reset.
I didn't unchecked the setting to safe the settings.

What were the versions (previously stored on each partition, and currently on each one?)

Partition 1: 22.03.2 stable
Partition 2: 22.03.5 testing

And what about the previous state of each partition?

The states are good, but all of them reverted back. Losing all of the settings

I mean what version was on each partition before you upgraded?

Partition 1: openwrt version 22.03.2 stable
Partition 2: openwrt version 22.03.5 testing upgraded to 23.05.0

I believe you may have overwritten your 22.03.2 Stable.

If you were currently working on your 22.03.5 Testing partition and then downloaded and flashed 23.05.0, the default process will flash the latest 23.05.0 over your 22.03.2 Stable partition.

What do you see in Luci/System/Advanced Reboot.

Toggling between the different partitions via luci-app-advanced-reboot will not touch your configuration, nor does sysupgrade (unless you tell it to); in no case does it touch the configuration of the old (currently running) partition (only the newly written one, if you tell it to).

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That is so strange indeed.
I really don't know why al those settings are gone.

isn’t it rather a Linksys wrt 3200 acm?

But this is not, how supported dual partion devices usually work (well, at least not the famous Linksys WRT series).
If you are live on partition 2 and trigger a sysupgrade while running on partition 2, sysupgrade will install on partition 1.
This ensures that if sysupgrade messes up that the active partition (which is in known working condition) stays untouched and can be used to recover.

So did I get this wrong?

If so, I'll edit to make sure it is clear I'm wrong about this part.

Iff I use advanced reboot I can select the two partition.

But the strange thing is that is see both the stable one and the test version.

When I select the stable one, everything is back if it is a clean installation.

This is really strange.

I also thought it will not touch they other partition but now I am going to doubt, that there many a bug or something in the openwrt.
But I can not belief that.

On dual-firmware devices (I'm basing this on my experience with the nbg6817, the Linksys WRT series might act a little differently, but shouldn't), sysupgrade extracts the running configuration (equivalent to sysupgrade --create-backup <file> and then appends it to the newly written firmware (touching "the other" partition only; yes, the WRT series is a little different here in that it uses the otherwise unused syscfg partition to store this config backup tarball, but that's merely an implementation detail), upon firstboot, the firstboot scripts find this appended tarball, cache it in RAM, format the overlay and extract it to the newly created overlay; the old -currently booted- partition remains as-is, fully configured.

The 3-times-powerdown dance on the WRT series might (I don't know, never had one) delete the overlay, but I don't think so - luci-app-advanced-reboot however certainly won't, that just toggles the marker for the active partition set and reboots. So on dual-firmware devices (if OpenWrt supports it, which isn't always the case; the wrt series is supported though), you can toggle between old- and new firmware, each with their own -independent- configuration.

Obviously the old configuration might not be compatible with the new firmware (e.g. after migrating between swconfig and DSA) and might force you to actively reset it, but the procedure to retain the config by default nevertheless applies (you have to take action to make it forget it).


No. It works as advertised. Any new partition will be flashed to whatever is the current inactive alternate partition whether it be partition 1 or partition 2.

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So if I do it good.
If I want to update partition 2, I need to be on partition 1.
And. The other way around?


Think of your current partition that you are working on as your Primary Partition and your other partition as your Alternate Partition instead of Partition 1 and Partition 2.

Whichever partition you have active at flash time is your Primary Partition and will flash over your Alternate Partition.

So, if you want to retain your Stable partition, use Luci/System/Advanced Reboot and change to your Stable partition before you flash a different build.

Also, Always take a backup of each partition so you have an easy way to restore.