Setting up wifi on wrt3200acm


I have a Linksys wrt3200acm, which has 2x5Ghz and 1x2.4Ghz.

I tried dd-wrt first, and it combines the 2x5Ghz to one faster one. It looks like e.g. 36+132. How do I do that in Lede? The difference is around 100Mbit vs 35Mbit at the same location.

Also, how do I connect to the higher channels? It seems not to be working?


Do a search on channel bonding...

An example -

Channel 36 pairs with channel 40 to allow 80 Mhz with 802.11ac

This is done automatically.

Certain "higher channels" are not available...depends on your country.

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"channel bonding"
Is there a guide somewhere? Because I either get 1 channel or 2 separate channels.

"Certain “higher channels” are not available"
They are supposed to be available, but none work, and do work in dd-wrt.

Where do you see this result?

On my phone.

Do a speed test, and observe the results on the LEDE web GUI, while you're conducting the test.

Search of this forum for third radio will yield some information. Pay attention to the mwlwifi readme because Radio2 /sdio can currently cause you some grief. Channels / power are dictated by the rango eprom itself.

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Are you talking about channel width? Because the last I checked (granted a few versions ago) Android doesn't support reporting the channel width, so is not useful for identifying your WiFi channel width.

It does however support using wider channels, so actual performance should benefit. Although I'm yet to find any use for that kind of bandwidth on my phone.

I'm not sure if that is what you mean though as channel width applies to each radio. I'm not aware of any phone that can connect to more than one radio at the same time, as you would need dual radios in the phone.

Thanks for your help. Did some more research, but ultimately felt that I won't have time to properly fix it until next month at the earliest.

I've had this functionality in my last 2 routers, and hadn't given it much thought before. For now I'll revert back to dd-wrt, and try to work around its issues instead. Having half/third of the wifi speed isn't an option.

Found this, but don't know how relevant it is. Keeping it here as a future starting point:

Hi! Have you tried it?

Does it worked for you?

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