Setting up wavlink qantum d6 openwrt with snapshot vpn

Trying to find documentation on openwrt to assist in modification of openwrt firewall, wireless and or lan to allow work laptop vpn client to pass through. Any assist in providing links to such documentation?

This depends on your goal, VPN type and network configuration.
Most common use cases are described in the wiki:

Have two different vpn clients running on my home network, one running ExpressVPN which is on my personal devices and for work device using GlobalProtect (Palo Alto) since I'm now doing majority of working form home (WFH). Search on ExpressVPN support pages provides one line as hint "Grant an exception to ExpressVPN or to UDP ports 1194-1204". Searching the Palo Alto GlobalProject site indicates uses IPsec and the support page mentions using VPNC for split tunneling.
So I'm learning how to setup two different VPN clients thru Openwrt.

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