Setting up vlans on xr500


I just got openwrt setup on my netgear xr500 and now I would like to know if I can create separate vlans.

Ie one is
then a

is this possible with the gui interface Luci?

Yes it is absolutely possible. It's probably easier to create the VLANs by editing the config files (at least IMO), but it can be done with LuCI.

Yes, but you have to distinguish between:

  • 23.05.x (and prior), using swconfig based switch drivers
  • main snapshots (the future major stable releases)m using DSA based switch drivers

Both approaches can do what you want and both drivers work reliably, but syntax and semantics are different. If you want to save yourself going through this again when OpenWrt 24.xy.0/ 25.xy.0 comes around, it might make sense to migrate to main snapshots now and go through the new DSA based approach once, instead of configuring swconfig now and DSA later - but that's a matter of perspective.

If you need > 600 Mb/s LAN<>WAN throughput you need a community NSS build which is 23.05.3 and uses swconfig..

I just updated to the latest firmware, is there a guide on how to setup vlans? either config file or gui?

I am looking through the guides but is there a simple tutorial?

If you are using K6 build then you are using DSA so have a look at