Setting up VlanID behind dumb ap

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Yet another call for help :upside_down_face:

I am trying to setup IPTV such that it communicates with ISP directly on VlanID 712 ,protocol DHCP, all this in some hopes of either increasing speed/reducing lag by removing IPTV box from my PPPoE connection... (SQM is a struggle as is, It could really use some help with the load being taken off the PPPoE)

My IPTV works without issues atm, likely it doesn't mind where the internet comes from? It sits behind dumb ap which sits behind main router (Main router gets internet via PPPoE connection on VlanID 710)

It could be as simple as going on main router - go to Networks, interface, create new interface "IPTV", set protocol to DHCP and add new device wan.712 , set firewall zone to one WAN is using

But how would I route all traffic from IPTV box to the IPTV interface I just created? If I don't do any routing I assume that it will default to just using PPPoE connection ?

DumbAP was created using this guide:

And Guest interface this dumb AP connects to was created like this:

And these are the interfaces I have on my main router:

VLAN ID is configured in switch configuration, so you should add separate VLAN-iptv for DumbAP, so connection between router, and DumbAP has two VLANs.

On the main router I create new interface IPTV , set device to wan.712 ( for tagging ) , protocol DHCP, firewall, etc...

Then how would I pass it on to the dumbAP? ( Specifically the device sitting on LAN3 port of the dumbAP )

In this picture I created IPTV interface in same way I created VoIP one, the only difference is I had to create route in order for VoIP interface to start working (Without this route device's kept sending VoIP traffic via PPPoE)

What is model of your device?

Iptv box is ZTE zxb10 b866v2

Sorry, model of you router, and model of your DumbAP.

Ah , do you mind if I keep those private? ( Paranoid as I may be I am afraid of sharing ) :face_in_clouds:

What were you curios about? Maybe I can asnwer if it's like what chip it's using , how ports are labeled or such?

( I do not have switch tab in Luci , so it's a newer DSA enabled device - both of them )

Why are you afraid to share? It's not like it's going to reveal anything that would cause a compromise of your network or other personal information.

I'd just rather not, unless necessary... :cowboy_hat_face: