Setting up openwrt router as vpn & Wireless Bridge to main router

As i am totally new to openwrt, I struggled to set it up the way i wanted it, all the guides i found seemed to be either obsolete, too technical or just didnt cover what i needed, so I thought I would make one.

This is how to connect an openwrt router to an existing network via a wireless bridge, and create a 2nd network on a seperate subnet for the purpose of connecting to the vpn via both wifi & lan connections.

I made a pdf, it can be downloaded from my google drive here:

or from mega here:!g7A3hYQD!ILAYwnWZaOH0gaCnCkkHjnsyo-OR7Efoe12zdznPY1g

I put this together from memory, an hour or so after i managed to accomplish it.
Hopefully someone will find this useful, i hope i did not forget anything.

Thank you for your recommendation. WIll definitely try it when will move to my new office, because now at home I am using free VeePN and for home needs its just ok, gives and opportunity to visit some blocked content websites with good connection speed and that's all.